Sunday, March 9, 2014

52: Pythagorean Triples

If you've worked with the Pythagorean Theorem, you've come across some integer solutions.

3-4-5 and 5-12-13 come to mind, especially if you've studied for the SAT; 8-15-17 is another good one.
How many can you find?
Which one is your favorite?
Is there a way to find as many as you want?

(For those who haven't seen this trivia snippet)

pick distinct positive integer values for u and v: perhaps 3 and 4.
The three sides are 2*u*v, u² + v², and |u² - v²|, thus 24, 25, 7
The hypotenuse is simply the longest of the three sides, but won't be generated by the same expression all the time.

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    Sierpinski is better known for his extensive research in various areas of set theory, but nonetheless he still managed to publish over 100 papers and 13 books in number theory.