Tuesday, March 24, 2015

410: Buying a cheap sweater to make a political point.

"The Wisconsin Republican's remarks, which received a standing ovation, started with the Badger State governor touting his middle class credentials. Before the speech, he had stopped by Kohl's Department Store and used Kohl's coupons to buy his sweater from the 70 percent off rack for one dollar.

Walker said he considered's Kohl's successful low-price strategy a model for reforming the tax code so that more people pay taxes, but the tax rate is much lower."

What the easiest way to find out the original cost of that sweater?


From another site: "If you’ve ever shopped at Kohl’s, you know that it’s the store that generally always has a sale. Take a clearance item, apply a 15 percent off coupon with some Kohl’s Cash, and on the surface, Walker’s claim isn’t totally outrageous."

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