Tuesday, November 25, 2014

322: Sensible or Not? distribution

Distribution Statements: Sensible or Not?
Defend your answer! Here's your claim ... what's your warrant?
  1. Because this data has two modes, it cannot be symmetrical. 
  2. This distribution is left-skewed because it has outliers to the left. 
  3. Josh works at a veterinary clinic and weighs the dogs. He claims there is less variation in the weights of 10 Rottweilers than in the weights of 10 dogs of different breeds. 
  4. Josh combines the weights of 10 toy poodles, 10 Rottweilers and 10 St. Bernards into one big group. He says the distribution has one mode. 
  5. Jean concludes that the mean of her symmetric distribution is greater than the median. 


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