Monday, November 24, 2014

321: Sensible or Not? central measures

Measures of Central Tendency Statements: Sensible or Not?
Defend your answer! Here's your claim ... what's your warrant?
Give an example or a situation to bolster your position 
  1. A data set should be discarded if the mean exceeds the mode. 
  2. A student with an average of 65 computes her new average after earning a 70 on the last exam. Her new average is 72. 
  3. Observing that the mean weight of a group of patients is 154 pounds and the median weight is 145 pounds, the doctor concludes that there must be an outlier on the heavy side. 
  4. Noting that there are three modes in his data set, Rob assumes there was an error in his data gathering. 
  5. The two means in the data lie at 102 and 201
  6. The two medians in the data set lie at 23 and 28. 
  7. The two modes in the data set lie at 45 and 100. 


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