Saturday, November 22, 2014

319: Sensible or Not? error

Error Statements: Sensible or Not?
Defend your answer! Here's your claim ... what's your warrant?
  1. There are 138,232 species of butterflies and moths on the Earth. 
  2. The measurement taken by an electronic timer must be more accurate than that taken by stopwatch. 
  3. The relative error that a microbiologist makes in measuring a cell must be less than the relative error that an astronomer makes in measuring the width of a galaxy, because cells are smaller than galaxies. 
  4. The bank teller claims that his errors are random even though they are always to his advantage. 
  5. The 6 billionth person on Earth was born on October 12th 1999, in Bosnia 
  6. I would rather be shortchanged by $1 than by 1% 


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