Wednesday, December 16, 2015

511: Factory Ratios 2

We started with this:
In a factory, the ratio of men to women is 2:3.
The ratio of right-handed men to left-handed men is 7:3
The ratio of right-handed women to left-handed women is 11:1
What fraction of the factory workforce is right-handed?
But let's extend things a bit.

What is the fewest number of employees possible in this building?



  1. RH:LH=83:17, so 83% right-handed, and 100 is the fewest. This is primary school arithmetic and should be solved using LCMs, and is not a "proportion" in the usual mathematical meaning.

  2. True, but that's why I changed the wording. As to the level, ... This is an equal opportunity argument site.