Thursday, February 5, 2015

392: Football Field

What shapes (positive or negative) go into creating the track around the football field?
What are their dimensions?

click to embiggen. Right end is photo distortion.

What shapes (positive or negative) go into making the green part inside the track?

If the green is FieldTurf™ at $5/ft² and the red is TopTrax™ at $2/ft², how much money does the Booster Club have to convince the town to put on the ballot?

Everything outside of the track is natural grass.
The preparation cost is $2.25/ft² for the track and the field.

The two gray rectangles on the sidelines are protective felt laid over the track to protect it from football cleats. The light grey on the left is also a protective felt. The two sandy pits at the end of the straightaway are the long jump pits. The narrow stripe in the left end-zone is the pole vault run and the large rectangle in the right end-zone is the high jump run. 

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