Tuesday, May 27, 2014

136: Jeopardy!

Assuming that you get every question correct, and bet it all on the Daily Double, and the Daily Double happens at the most opportune time, and the Daily double is located in the absolute best place, how much can you win in the first round of Jeopardy?

And what is the best place for the Daily Double?
And the best time to get the Daily Double?

The prizes are twice as big when you get to the Double Jeopardy Round:

So let's keep this going ... how much can you theoretically win to this point?

In Final Jeopardy, you can bet it all ("Let it Ride", as gamblers say).


  1. 36,000 in round 1, 120,000 in round 2 (remember, there are two daily doubles in round two). Betting all 156,000 on Final nets a total of 312,000, right?